We offer many seal and cylinder related accessories and components. Click on the links below to download our accessories related catalogs. (PDF)

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. is a one stop shop for all your hydraulic and pneumatic accessory requirements. How many times have you had to go through multiple suppliers to get everything you need to complete the task at hand. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the tools, accessories and custom products needed to complete the job. We offer a complete line of new Seals, Cylinder, Pump & Valve Accessories and Spare Components. Along with our finished products we can supply the unique extras to keep you up and running. I we are unable to supply a product you need our customer service department will direct you to the proper source. At Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. We Offer More Than Seals & Cylinders………….We Provide Solutions!

Cylinder Components & Accessories

Seal & Cylinders Source, Inc. is your complete source for hydraulic & pneumatic components & accessories. Our warehouseCylinder Components stocks replacement parts for NFPA Tie-rod & Aftermarket Round-Body Cylinders.

Count on us for Seals, Glands, Rods, Pistons, Heads, Tubes & Tie-Rods for Parker Hannifin, Miller, Hydroline and many other cylinder manufactures.  Most of our products are available to ship out same day.




Custom Machined Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. has state of the art machining centers and manual machine shop that can produce most Hydraulic Manifold Blockmachined parts holding the tightest of tolerances. Count on us for all your Hydraulic & Pneumatic machining requirements.


  • Valve Blocks
  • Hydraulic Blocks
  • Castings
  • Special Tubes


  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Available in E-coated, Powder Coat & Other Specialty Coatings

Square/Rectangle: Up to 48″ wide X 42 ” Deep X 52″ Tall and 1,500 lbs

Custom Installation and Removal Tools

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. offers a complete line of custom installation and removal tools to meet all your repair O-rings Picksneeds. We carry Vee/Ram Packing Kits ,Bead Hones, Pressure Testers, Removal Tools, Packing Hooks, Punch Sets, O-ring Picks, Pump Packing Kits, Telescopic Installation Kits, Seal Identification and Measuring Devices, Hardness Testers, Vulcanizing Kits, Gasket Punch Sets and Cutting kits.




Custom Sewn Bellows, Way Covers and Protective Boots

At Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. we supply protective bellows and covers for all types of machinery and industries . We keep a large inventory of Rubber Bellows, Sewn Bellows, Way Wipers, Way Covers, Way Cover Wipers, Machine Way Covers and Equipment Covers in Stock. Our custom bellows come in all types of materials, sizes and configurations to meet all your specific requirements. You can customize your bellow with zippers, vents and guides. We can also custom make most orders and ship them to you directly within 1 to 3 business days. We provide this quick service to help our customers to reduce their amount of down time.

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. provides quick manufacturing and shipping to get you the following items fast; Rubber  Bellows, Sewn Bellows, Way Wipers, Way Covers, Way Cover Wipers, Machine Way Covers, Molded Bellows, Rail Covers, Wire Protection BellowsSupported Bellows, Sewn Round Bellows, Telescoping Conical Spring Covers, Lift Covers, Vulcanized Bellows, Sealed Bellows, Sewn Way Covers, and Custom Protective Covers.




 Telescopic Spring Steel Covers

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. offers telescopic spring covers to allow for traveling speeds up to  40m/min.  Telescopic springs find optimum operating conditions in an  oily environment. They are not suitable for use where fine particles or dust are encountered. In the latter case we recommend the use of bellows.

Telescopic spring covers can be installed either horizontally or  vertically.  To avoid “sagging”, telescopic springs designed for  horizontal use have a larger overlap of coils than those designed for  vertical use, and their larger diameter should be located where the  majority of chips will be encountered.Due to their high initial torque, telescopic spring covers designed for vertical mounting always require a longer extension than horizontal Telescopic Spring Coversspring steel covers, and their larger diameter should be at the top.
Standard telescopic spring covers are made from high-quality blued spring steel strip (55-58 Rockwell) with rounded edges. Strength up to 1800 N/m2.If regularly used with coolants of high water content, we recommend spring covers be made of stainless strip steel.
However, due to the properties of this material, the spring force of these springs is less so that they cannot be made in all sizes. Please contact us for details.



Telescopic Metal Way Covers

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. Metal Telescoping Way Covers are custom-designed covers for any machine tool application requiring protection of machine ways and screws. With a quality way cover, your valuable equipment will be Telescopic Metal Way Coverprotected from hot or heavy chip loads, dirt, oil, coolants, and from accidental damage caused by dropped tools and work pieces.

Design Features:

  • Top section tread plate or tool tray available
  • Section material 18 ga. through 1/4″ cold rolled steel (stainless steel option available)
  • Way extensions can be provided if necessary
  • Standard oiled finished (bright buffed option available)



 Machine Way Wipers

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. offers machine way wipers that are manufactured according to the  latest machine-building standards. Depending on the material selected, they make allowance for criteria such as dry running, resistance to Machine Way Wiper Diagram Microorganisms, Hydrolysis, Mineral Oil, Coolants, Acids, Bleaches, and Gasoline as well as operating temperatures up to 200°C.

With many different materials, sizes and configurations. We can match the proper wiper to fit with your application.



B Series – Way Wipers

The B Series Way Wipers are made of synthetic rubber with molded-in steel insert, unless otherwise indicated in the drawing.

  • The wipers are manufactured in special molds, ensuring 100% repeat-order accuracy.
  • All B Series wipers are provided with a transparent coating as a protection against chips and corrosion. Except series “M”(stainless steel).
  • Standard lengths are available from stock.

A Series – Wipers for Telescopic Steel Covers or Limited Space Applications

The A Series Wipers have been specially developed for telescopic  steel covers.  They keep cover boxes clean and prevent dirt and chips  from entering.  The wipers are spot-welded, riveted or screwed to the  cover boxes.  In confined spaces, some may also be used (vertically) as  way wipers.

Custom Formed Way Wipers

Seal & Cylinder Source, Inc. offers custom formed way wipers with any configuration that is technically possible.  These are manufactured in special molds. The precision of the mold is a criterion of the wiper’s accuracy and guarantees optimum Custom Formed Way Wiperswiping results.

A series wipers are made of synthetic rubber with molded in steel insert, unless otherwise specified in the drawing.

  • All A Series wipers are provided with a protective corrosion oil.
  • The wipers are manufactured in special molds, ensuring 100% repeat-order accuracy.
  • Standard lengths are available from stock.
  • All wipers type B are provided with a transparent coating as a  protection against chips and corrosion. Except series “M”(stainless  steel).
  • The coating is optionally available in black.
  • For your safety, we shall send you a drawing for approval before  production starts.  We will gladly accept your CAD drawings which we  will then adapt accordingly and return to you for your approval.
  • Your formed wipers can be lettered to your specifications.